SSTA Research Centre Report #97-01
Strengthening Strategies For Small Schools
by Kate O'Brodovich: 82 pages, $17

Small schools may have potential strengths in terms of intimacy, flexibility, and close ties to the community.  Low enrollments and a small staff, however, also pose challenges for offering a full program and meeting student needs.   This document contains over 70 strategies for strengthening small schools and overcoming size-related limitations.

Part 1            I. Enhance Learning Resources

                     II. Extend Programs and Course Offerings

                     III. Enhance Special Needs and Counseling Services

                     IV. Reduce Student Transportation Time

Part 2           V. Provide Teacher Support

                     VI. Enhance Curriculum and Instruction

Part 3           VII. Modify School Schedule

                     VIII. Effective Use and Extension of Facilities

                     IX. Enhance Community Support

                     X. Improve Financial Position